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We can guarantee your intended message and meaning will come through with absolute clarity.

PrimeVeda is the leader in providing translation and interpreting services to the wide array of clientelle that include corporations, law firms, universities, media and marketing firms, state and local government agencies.

PrimeVeda Translation Services offers highly qualified translators, editors and project managers. This combination assures a seamless transition from one language to another for your local and global business solutions.

Choose from any of over 40 different languages and you will receive accurate, relevant and localized to your specific target market language translation services for a variety of industries, including:

  • • Legal Translation Services

    PrimeVeda offers document translation services that are guaranteed to be accurate and fast. Birth certificates, legal transcripts, immigration papers and more are translated according to strict guidelines, so they are accepted by government agencies and educational institutions. We offer notarial attestation of translated documents and Apostille services.

  • • Medical Translation Services

    From simple hospital forms to complex clinical statements, medical translation services are available to hospitals, doctors, patients, insurance agencies, pharmaceutical companies in over 40 languages.

  • • Website Translations

    Whether you need to reach a non-English-speaking audience or establish a global presence in another country, web document translation services open your virtual doors to the world, so that visitors will be more confident doing business with you. We help our clients successfully market their products and services anywhere in the world by assisting them with the creation of websites that are accessible both to English and non-English speakers.

  • • Financial Translation Services

    There is a constant need for highly sensitive information to be translated with highest level of accuracy. Using a financial translator who possesses a solid understanding of local standards and regulations can guard you against potential risks.

  • • Energy, Oil & Gas Translation Services

    PrimeVeda offers professional translation services for every area of the energy industry. Whether it's sales, marketing and product information or documents prepared for consulting services, your message will come through with absolute clarity.

  • • Business & Technical Translations

    Success in the global marketplace is essentially dependent on accurate communication. Because communication flows both ways, global business creates a never-ending need for accurate business translation services.

A professional language translation service managing a network of trained and experienced linguists, we work with an understanding of the text, context and audience. We take pride in our team at PrimeVeda Translation Services and in unrivalled quality of our work.

Translation services are the core of our business. Our expertise shows itself in excellent writing skills, cultural understanding and technical proficiency. Through the guidance and expertise of our skilful project managers, your language translation project is guaranteed to be of outstanding quality.

Full list of our services is available here.

Please visit our office in Minsk's Centre: 12a, Rakovskaya st, 3 floor, offices 9, 10. Our couriers will ensure fast and reliable delivery of your documents in Minsk city area.

You may contact PrimeVeda by calling +375(17)203-75-13 (land-line/fax) or +375(29)303-38-34 (mobile "Velcom"); by email at info@primeveda.com


PrimeVeda Translation Services in Minsk

Accurate medical translations by linguists with medical experience (English) are available.

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